Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sunny days : )

Finally we have a Wednesday where we have sunshine! King country was great today, even a little on the warm side, for weeks we've been trying to get there but have had such little luck with good weather.  It's such a great, safe place to catch up, a bonus they sell great coffee!

It was nice to see some new faces, Gemma and Summer, Holly with little Asher and our regulars Natalie and Sophie, Anita with smiley Huon and myself and Bailey.  All of the kiddies seemed to play nicely together.... always nice to see! Unfortunately we missed out on meeting Belinda and Robyn and Mandi and Sharee had prior arrangements with their crew!

Maybe we should head to King country for our weekly dates? If not every week every 2nd with a park or play centre thrown in on the other weeks? Should we use play centres as a back up on a rainy day? Nat came up with an idea of a visit to the Springwood hotel (they have a great indoor play gym there) perhaps another great wet weather place to visit?? Might just get over that way one day soon and check it out!!

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