Sunday, 8 May 2011


A big congrats to Nat, Gary and Sophie on the arrival of baby Ruby, can't wait to meet her today!

Mothers day...

I love mothers day, it is the one day of the year we can sit back and really appreciate what we have done for our babies and its only dedicated to mums!

This year we spent the weekend at Tweed Heads and I can tell you it was one weekend away that we really needed. The last few weeks have been really tough for us and it was nice to finally relax!
We didn't just go for mothers day but was combined with my upcoming birthday.

We spent Friday at Currimbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Bailey loved it! Such a great way to spend a beautiful sunny day. We arrived just before lunch time and spent the afternoon wondering around watching presentations and talks, saw the biggest croc I have ever seen and feeding the kangaroos (Bailey's favorite).

After a fun filled afternoon at the sanctuary we had a short drive to our hotel 'Twin towns outrigger resort', while it was nice it was not overly child friendly. It did have indoor and outdoor heated pools so we were able to go swimming, the beach was a little too cool. It was very convenient to Coolangatta and surrounding shops, parks, restaurants and beaches. We didn't need to take the car out (which I love).

Bailey seemed to attract a lot of attention with his ear to ear smile from the older women, he loved it! Especially at twin towns where we went for dinner on Friday night...

Saturday was spent with a lazy breakfast followed by a swim, a snooze and a huge walk around Coolangatta, spending hours at the parks. Some great 'jungle gyms' finished off with dinner at a little Thai restaurant.

Then Sunday..... mothers day, I woke to a beautifully wrapped present from my boys, a gorgeous 'mum and me' photo frame and a voucher for 80mins worth of anything I like from a massage parlor...Heaven!! I can't wait to use it! We walked to the beach side markets before leaving our hotel and heading out for a mothers day lunch with both our mums.

Again, it was a nice relaxing day, in fact weekend which never seems long enough.....til we had to go grocery shopping on the way home : ( 

How do you like to spend your mothers day, and there any tradition you stick to?

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I am finding Bailey can be so hard to deal with regard to his sleep... Especially after night duty when I have not slept and I am home alone with him. He can be so defiant, for example someone came to the door just as he fell to sleep, this woke him, then it was a screaming match to try and get him down again, as he is doing now. See the thing, if he doesn't have some sort of sleep in the afternoon he is captain cranky pants and completely unbearable come 6pm. Catch 22 really. I suppose since I have had such little sleep then I get a little more frustrated.

It took Justin and I a lot to change our bad habits and those we got Bailey into. To change these we were admitted to "the Ellen Baron Centre" (AKA - sleep school). It was here that we were taught how to undo all of the bad habits we had so easily go ourselves into, thus making life so much harder than it needed to be in the early months of Bailey's life. Our biggest mistake was that we would let Bailey fall asleep in our arms then whilst asleep place him into his cot, every so gently so as not to wake him. It was always a big accomplishment if we could keep him to sleep.... we probably only had a 50% success rate!We spent countless hours trying to put him and to keep him asleep. This was so exhausting, but still it was easier for us to do this than listen to him scream!

I am sure as much as the staff at the centre wanted to ignore the fact that we were actually practicing controlled crying with him, in my eyes it was. We said good night and he was put into his cot - left to attempt to self settle, when he started screaming then we would go in and settle him, not removing him from his cot. Once the screaming and crying had stopped we would leave again. This process was repeated until he was finally asleep, sometimes taking up to 1.5hours.... Sound like controlled crying?

We were also taught that babies need structure and should not be demand fed but fed in routine.... this completely contradicting what any midwife or child health nurse would tell you.... Babies in fact need routine! From the time of waking they must be put down again only 1.5 hours later, in this time we would feed and play (bath if needed).

After doing these (what seem like simple) things for a whole week we were mentally and physically drained and were well and truly ready to leave the place! Did it teach us anything? Hmmmm maybe, maybe not, we still cannot put our fingers on it. Can Bailey self settle? Hmmmm on occasion and only when he wants to. Is our bad habits and possible laziness what got us into this never ending sleep issue problems now? Hmmmmm Most certainly!Mental there is every to be a baby Fox no. 2 - we will not make the same sleeping mistakes again!