Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Well I have had the most rough couple of weeks of my life. Today I have tried so very hard not to think about it...I will explain later!

Its Easter, and happy Easter to everyone, I hope unlike me not too many people had to work. I don't mind going to work cause when I get home I am greeted with the biggest smiles and cuddles from everyone in the house. Every time I see my boy he melts my heart!

Justin took Bailey to his uncles house for a BBQ breakfast, there he met Dakota and Riley, Steve's niece and nephew on his wife's side of the family. He had a great day getting to know them. Nice to hear, so far he has a nice little stash of chocolate and more to come, we decided we would have our Easter tomorrow... eggs and may be a trip to the beach!

Isn't it funny, the older we get we still enjoy Easter eggs just the same?? Big kids at heart or just can't give it up, and it's the only time of the year that its acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast   : )  I am a sucker for an elegant rabbit...oh but it must be red tulip. They are the best!

We have a well stocked fridge which I am sure will take us a while to get through....

What eggs did you get and what are your favorite?

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