Sunday, 10 April 2011

Butterfly tree markets

On Sunday I dragged Justin and Bailey off to the butterfly tree markets on the Gold Coast. It was a bit of a struggle for me as I had just done a night duty but nonetheless we went and they were lovely....

Again, more pretty things for girls but this time there were some stands selling boy's shirt and pant sets and the most funky little hats and shoes. I guess they were a little on the expensive side but divine!!

All up there were about 20-25 stalls, worth a look, I'll be heading back there : )

I ran into Dani who had a stand there, she does the most amazing photos of newborns, she is the most creative person I know and what a kind, caring gorgeous woman she is! If anyone is looking for some portraits of their babies or children I highly recommend her, we had some done when Bailey was just 15 days old and they are just superb!! She does live on the coast but is more than happy to travel to Brisbane! Her link 

  Here are some of our fav's of Bailey!

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