Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wriggle it!

So, yesterday we had another meet up, this time at 'wriggle it' located in Kingston (a little far from Redlands, however was a request by one of our mums which very welcomed!).
Surprisingly it didn't all that long to get there, just seemed like it was miles away. It was good to catch up with the girls while our little ones played. They all seemed to have a great time, some in tears as they were dragged home : )
It was also lovely to meet Leiza, her twin boys, little girl and their friend Sara.  Welcome to the group!
Here is hoping she would like to come to future meet ups, I know I am looking forward to next weeks catch up at King Country Nursery!

 Bailey getting lost in the ball pit!

 Mums and bubs catching up!

 Cheese Sophie!


 Smile Patrick!
 Mmmm babaychino and fairy bread : )

 Giddy up Amelia!

La la laaaaa....


  1. it was our first visit to Wriggle It, so it was nice to try somewhere new. The kids had loads of fun and was so nice to catch up again. I don't know about everyone else's little ones, but my 2 were sound asleep in the car very quickly on the trip home hehe

  2. It was our first visit to Wriggle It also. Sophie loves playgrounds (and a baby chino). Personally I prefer Lollypops as there seems to be more things a child her age can play on. However we're open to exploring new things and we love making new friends :)