Friday, 25 March 2011

Markets here I come....

Such a full weekend of markets, come to think of it for the next few weeks, I can't wait but already Justin is not looking forward to it before they even start!
Since becoming a mum I guess our weekend entertainment has changed dramatically, no more nights out spending a stupid amount of money on alcohol and getting up to all sorts mischief then feeling like you have been hit by a bus the next morning! Oh not to mention those Sunday afternoon sessions at quaint little pubs by the bay (Redland Bay hotel was always a favorite of mine : p).  Our nights out are fish and chips at the beach or take away but nice the arrival of Bailey, we are always home by 7pm, and our Sunday afternoon sessions have turned into a raspberry lemonade and a walk in the park, a day at the beach or checking out some markets!!  I guess they have become a part of our lives now not only to kill the boredom and get us out of the house but to entice us to spend money on things that we probably don't need but can't resist (I am a sucker for anything cute!). Mind you I do love to see peoples creativity and only wish I too were like that...

I thought I would share a few of the markets which I know of and will probably go check out....If you manage to get to any of them let me know what you thought and if there was anything that you particularly liked!

If you know of markets that I have missed please post it, I would love to check them out!

Enjoy: )

Little feet baby markets
Next market 26/3/11
Logan West Community Centre -
4 Wineglass Drive Hillcrest

Mummy tree markets
Next market 27/3/11, 9-2pm
River Park Place, (Hockey Qld) 400-420 Lytton Rd, Morningside

Boutique markets
Next market 27/3/11, 8-1pm (held every 2nd and 4th Sunday)
Portside wharf Hamilton

The butterfly tree markets
Next market 10/4/11, 9-2pm (held every 2 months)
135 Bundall Rd, Surfers Paradise

The hand made expo
Next market 16/4/11. 8-2pm (this is the last date advertised for this market)
Ipswich Turf Club, Brisbane Rd, Bundamba

Poppyseed markets
Next market 7/5/11
Gold Coast (These markets are fairly new so I am not sure of the exact details at this stage)

Eumundi markets
Every Wednesday 8-1.30pm and every Saturday 6.30-2pm
Memorial Drive, Eumundi town centre

Byron Bay markets
Next market 3/4/11, 8-4pm (held every 1st and 3rd Sunday)
Butler St Reserve Byron bay


  1. I so want to go and check out The Mummy Tree Markets! Just been having a look at their website and it looks great. Nice that its not too far away either.

    If anyone heads to any of the markets please let us know how it is!

  2. I think I will go to the Portside ones tomorrow. I've been wanting to go to them for ages. Oh and Kaz, the next Matilda's is in May sometime.

  3. Hey Karen, I went to the Boutique Markets at Hamilton today. I thought they where a little bit expensive and quite small. There was probably only 20 stalls all up. 2 photographers, 7-8 kids stalls (mostly girls stuff), 4-5 jewelery stalls, 2-3 home wares stores and then your usual collection of soaps, candles etc. All beautiful products, just slightly disappointing due to lack of size.

  4. We too went to the Portside markets, I agree Nat, very few stalls and I found them to be a little expensive. It was a bonus to see a P & O ship docked and getting ready for departure though, Thy are soooo big (just quietly, it has made me want a cruising holiday) The coffee at Mahjong cafe was yummy a just the thing I needed to keep me awake post night duty : )

    The mummy tree markets were really good, they were very busy and there was not a lot of room to shuffle prams around. I think there were about 80 stalls varying from vintage furniture, bedroom furniture for children, tee pees for the little ones, hats, oooodles of clothing stalls (for both boys and girls) to pram and highchair inserts. I found the prices to be reasonable, they were worth the trip and I would go back!